Our Coffee Blends

      Ethiopia Guji Majo 

Cupping Notes: Balanced, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, Sweet, Watermelon.

Recommended roast: City - Full City

Good For Any Brew Method!

Description: Guji is a sub-city of Sidamo located in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region (SNNPR) of Ethiopia.  It is located in the Oromia region which lies in the southern part of Sidamo and is named after a tribe of the Oroma people.

Burundi Rugori

Cupping: Chocolate Malt, Floral, Sweet

Good For: Auto-Drip, Full Immersion, French Press, Espresso

Recommended Roast: City to Full City

Description: The wet mill of Rugori was built in the late seventies. It is located very close to the Kayanza province.

100% Kona Coffee

Coffee Beans directly from Lions Gate Farms in the Captain Cook area on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Offered in our cafe roasted by Lions Gate Farms, Hand-Roasted locally or green.

Guatemala Chichen

Cupping: Milk Chocolate, Lavender, Brown Sugar

Recommended Roast: City+ to Full City

Good for any brew method!

Description: Mr. Arturo Gelpke was born and raised in Coban, but when he grew up he moved to Guatemala city and purchased his farm in 1970. His 2 sons have taken over the farm since his passing.

Brazil Ipe Natural

Cupping: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Nutty

Recommended Roast: Full City to Full City+

Good For: Blends, Espresso, Full immersion

Description: The Brazil Ipê is a high-quality blend directly sourced for its great value and classic taste profile. Named after the famous colorful tree that speckles the landscape of Brazil's gorgeous Minas Gerais.

Rwanda Coko Honey

Recommended Roast: City to Full City

Cupping:  Sweet, Juicy, Heavy Body, Almonds

Description: Situated in the Northern Provence in the highest parts of the Gakenke District lies the Coko washing station. It’s run by a predominantly female co-operative.